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Fashion Stocks Soaring over 6 months

If you follow the stock market, then this probably isn’t anything new to you, but if you’re not an avid stock follower, this may be of interest to you. Over the last six months (from December 30, 2011 to June 29, 2012), these stocks have all soared in price. The lowest riser on the list being Kenneth Cole, whose stock rose from $10.59 per share to $15.05 per share, which is a rise of 42.1%

Though not all stocks are doing as well, these ones are surely outperforming where I thought they would be, and when Women’s Wear Daily broke their story “Retail Heads Into Iffy Second Half”, which included this chart, I just had to jump on it.

Now, the main point of the article published by Women’s Wear Daily is that this may be “as good as it gets” for the retail sector, saying that stock prices could go down over the last half of the year. Right now, though, for the most part, I would just stay happy with the increase in stock price that they’ve seen so far. And if you’re scared about retail stock prices crashing, maybe you should pull out now.

Now, I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and you should ALWAYS CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL ADVISER BEFORE MAKING ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS such as those related to THE STOCK MARKET. However, this is the information that I have been provided with, and thought I would share it. PLEASE USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT WHEN TRADING ON THE STOCK MARKET!

What are your thoughts? Is this pretty much it for retail stock? Let me know in the comments!


Jessica for Style+Whimsy


Article Sources:

Women’s Wear Daily


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