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Pinterest: Birdies on a Wire

Source: via Ashlee on Pinterest


Looking on Pinterest (yes, I’m on a bit of a roll, if you haven’t noticed), I saw these heels and almost screamed. I have this thing for birds – I think they are rather stylish and perfect for spring and summer (and even fall and winter, if you have the right print . . .  these heels, for example, would probably work for fall and winter).

The thing that attracted me most to these heels, besides the fact that they are printed with birds, is the fact that it seems to be painted on. Now, I’m not sure if they came like this, or if someone took a pair of plain white heels and painted them themselves, but they still look great. In addition, these are the type of birds I have been thinking for years of getting tattooed on my shoulder, so seeing them printed on something so fashion forward makes me smile.

Now, what exactly could you wear this pair of heels with? This can be tricky because these heels are so “stand alone”, but it is possible. I, for example, would find a full black or white skirt (not printed with both, just solid, one or the other), that sits on the natural waist and has a length right above the knee. Nothing too bulky, but rather flowy and summery. Once I had figure out what color my skirt would be (knowing me, I would probably go with a black skirt), I would choose a plain tank top, or t-shirt of the opposite color (in my case, I would choose white), and wear it tucked into the skirt.

These shoes, of course, would be the main “accessory” but I would also consider wearing a multi-strand black bead necklaces to add some additional color/contrast to the upper body. I’m not sure I would go so far as to wear a bracelet, since it could overdo it (depending on the size of the bracelet), but it’s something each person has to play around with and figure out for their own taste level.

What are your thoughts on these shoes? Do you love them? Or would you rather live without them?


Jessica for Style+Whimsy



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