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Pinterest: Dress Perfection, take two

Source: via Daniella on Pinterest


In my last post I showed you one of the most perfect summer dresses I have found on Pinterest, yet. Light and flowy, with a hi-low hemline and matching belt/shoe combo, it was honestly beautiful. Then I scrolled down a little and found this gem.

First of all, let me just say that this dress is sold by the Southern Jewlz Boutique at 901 Harvey Road, College Station, Texas 77840, and in the boutique’s online store, Southern Jewlz for $42.95, and is available in three colors: Pink, Purple and Melon (what I am referring to as coral).

If you’re a lady that can pull off coral (hint: you might not think you can, so go ahead and try to see if you can; if it’s too bold for you, start off with something more subtle like a coral shade of nail polish or lipstick, and then work your way up – accessories, a shirt with coral accents, and eventually an entire piece, such as this dress), then congrats! Coral is a very hot shade this season (and will probably continue to be into the fall), and in addition to being stylish, it’s also youthful and screams “warm weather” (at least it does to me).

This dress is perfect in two ways. First of all, it’s a great shade of coral and has been accessorized with multiple strands of small turquoise beads that have gold-tone accents – the two best colors, in my opinion, to go with coral are turquoise and gold – whoever accessorized this dress should get an award. It’s brilliant.

The second reason this dress is so great is because of the way it has been constructed. Though fewer women will find this dress flattering than will find the previous post’s dress flattering, it is still a forgiving style. Having an elastic waist band around the real waistline (as opposed to lower on the hips, or having a higher empire waist), this dress will (at least attempt to) give you an hour glass shape.

If you’re smaller busted, this dress’s somewhat baggy and loose bodice will give the illusion that you have slightly bigger “ta-tas” than you have now. If you’re a larger woman, this dress will give you a little more of a defined waist line and may even slim you down. If you’re a “skinny-mini” this dress will drape off you nicely.

This dress is an all around winner.


Jessica for Style+Whimsy


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