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Pinterest: Dress Perfection

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


Have you been looking for a dress that you could wear to multiple occasions this summer? Well, it’s not too late! This dress, found via Pinterest, looks to have it all! A hi-low hemline that is longer in the front and back and shorter on the sides (you have to make sure to cover those goodies, ladies!), a soft pink color that compliments multiple skin tones, and a waistline that can be easily belted, and worn with matching shoes and bag or clutch.

The thing that I find so perfect about this dress is that you can wear this almost anywhere. Have a day job? Great! You can wear this and be the most stylish lady in the office. Have a hot dinner date with your beau? Excellent! Wear this dress and he’ll be looking at you all night! Wanna go to a party, wedding or reception? This is your dress, honey! …See what I mean?

Though I am unable to tell you what brand this dress is, or if it’s even available this season (boo, Pinterest!), I can tell you that this is basically what you want to look for! It doesn’t even have to be pale pink. Pick a coral shade if you’re feeling a little bold, and if you don’t really like color that much (shame on you) then pick one in white or black, both will still look great!

Just make sure to accessorize your dress accordingly so that it doesn’t look all mismatched and lousily styled. Nude pumps, ballet flats or even strappy sandals are all good footwear options and chunky necklaces or bracelets would look great too! Just don’t try to do everything. If your look is too busy, you’ll have lost it completely, and at that point, the dress will barely matter.

Whatever you choose, make sure to rock that dress!


Jessica for Style+Whimsy


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