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Pinterest: Floral Heels? Yes please.

Source: Uploaded by user via Ashlee on Pinterest


Have you been looking for a great way to add color and pattern to your summer outfit without going overboard on an entire outfit of print? Well I’m happy to tell you that printed heels are a great way to add that pop of color and pattern that you need!

These ones, pictured above, are a great pair I came across on Pinterest while looking through the “Women’s Apparel” section. I am totally in love with them, because they have a great base color (the Robin’s Egg blue) and then lovely flowers throughout. See how others wear them, below:

Source: via Becky on Pinterest


As you can see above, wearing these heels on a black base (tights, darker hosiery, or even longer skinny jeans / jeggings, make the shoes pop. Even if you were to choose to wear these without hosiery (or with nude hosiery) and just pair them with a solid color dress, black would still be a wonderful choice, perhaps belted with a Robin’s Egg blue belt.

Another way to wear these heels:

Source: via Julia on Pinterest


But these heels aren’t the only ones that look fabulous in floral print. Here are some more examples:

Source: via K on Pinterest


And these lovelies:

Source: Uploaded by user via Jensen Fairn on Pinterest


Overall, these shoes will look great no matter what you decide to wear them with, just don’t overdo it. If you’re planning on wearing full print with bright color blocking and large chunky accessories, then (first of all, tune it down, you’re doing too much) skip the floral heels, they will get lost in the outfit, and probably take away from the overall look, by making it even more messy.

So? Which of these lovelies is your favorite pair? I personally love the first pair, because you can wear them with a variety of colors. You could even wear a dress in a similar shade of blue and pull these off. The will look best with a black or white outfit and very few accessories. Let them stand on their own.

My second favorite pair of shoes would be the last pair (the black ones), because you can wear these with black or even a shade of pale pink, trying to match it up with the pink seen in the flowers of these heels.

Mix it up this summer! Have some fun with florals before the summer is over!


Jessica for Style+Whimsy



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